The Adelaide-Crowne Mine, 1940-1942; Euskaldunak Emen Badira? (Are there Basques here?); The French Connection

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The Adelaide-Crown Mine, 1940-1942 by John M. Gomes

How they mined in the 40’s – wages, transportation – a young man’s experience working at the mine during school vacations.

Euskaldunak Emen Badira? (Are there Basques here?) by Cindy Southerland

Understanding why the Basque were attracted to Nevada. Immigration between 1860-1912. Traditions, self-sufficiency, productivity, character and customs enabled them to endure and succeed in their new homeland.

The French Connection by Pansilee Larson

The history of the Golconda Hot Springs Hotel 1875 – the men who were drawn to this area and why resulting in one of the most popular resort and health spa operations in the area.