Shafts, Ponds & Doodlebugs: Placer Mining in Spring Valley; "Libby" Solitaire of Central

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Shafts, Ponds and Doodlebugs: Placer Mining in Spring Valley by David Valentine

Placer mining in Spring Valley located in the central Humboldt Range in Pershing County were hampered by lack of water as determined miners and their families continued to try to make a living. The people, places and hardships are revealed as examples of new technology proved inadequate for the conditions as water had to be piped to the mining area.

“Libby” Solitaire of Central by Jerry Ellen

Hannah Elizabeth Molan , was usually known as “Libby” , was an original, remarkable, pioneer woman, who demonstrated optimism and adaptability throughout her unusual life…, schoolmarm, waitress, hotel keeper, miner and landowner she earned the respect of fellow miners who saw to her wishes to be buried at Central in 1935.