Museum Tours

Humboldt Museum Tours


Humboldt Museum is generally a self-guided facility allowing visitors to see only the main two-story museum building at their own pace.  Tours may be arranged by appointment and staff availability.  Tours cost $4 per adult and are personalized to your pace, interests, and allotted time.  Staff will guide you through the main two-story building (approximately 45 minutes duration), or throughout the entire complex, including the main two-story museum, the 1899 Richardson-Saunders House, 1907 St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, and the 1880's Greinstein Building (approximately 2 hours duration).    


For more information, or to schedule a tour, contact Humboldt Museum at (775) 623-2912.



*Please note access into both the Greinstein Building and the Richardson-Saunders House require climbing steps.