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1907 Chase Truck

Category: Early Wheels

1907 Chase truck.  Featuring a three-cylinder, two-cycle engine and a tailgate and was originally used for hauling.  This vehicle was made by the Chase Motor Truck Company of Syracuse, New York.  When it had outlived its career as a utility vehicle, a surrey top was added and it was used primarily in parades.  And while it hasn't been started in a long time, it was in running condition when the Museum acquired it from the Stoker Collection.

The brassplate located on the inside dash board shows: Atwater Kent MFG Works, Philadelphia, PA, REIS D    Pat. D NOve 22, 1904, PAT Pnding USA and Foreign Countries.  Another plate with the information: Chase Motor Truck Co., Syracuse, N. Y., Type D. No. 32.

If the serial number 32 is correct, then that makes the Chase Model D one of the earliest Chase vehicles.  That would make it a 1909 or earlier model.

The Chase Model D truck was the middle model in the Chase truck line.  It had a 1500 pound load capacity and was more of a light duty delivery truck. 

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