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This carriage is equipped with shafts from the Deal Buggy Company, of Jonesville, Michigan. It was built in 1897, at the height of the horse-powered era. Just six years later, the first automobiles crossed the United States, and by 1915, the Deal Buggy Company, which specialized in spring and delivery wagons, had closed its doors.

Category: Early Wheels

One of the first cars to use left-hand steering.  The one-cylinder engine ran counter-clockwise.

Category: Early Wheels

1907 Chase truck.  Featuring a three-cylinder, two-cycle engine this vehicle was made by the Chase Motor Truck Company of Syracuse, New York.  When it had outlived its career as a utility vehicle, a surrey top was added and it was used primarily in parades.  And while it hasn't been started in a long time, it was in running condition when the Museum acquired it from the Stoker Collection.

Category: Early Wheels

This 1909 Invincible Schacht (pronounced "shot") was produced by the G. A. Schacht Manufacturing Company of Cincinnati, Ohio. The spectacularly high ground clearance must have been a great asset in the era of primitive roads.

Category: Early Wheels

A true horseless carriage, from the earliest days of one of America's first car companies.

Category: Early Wheels

Featuring a Harley Davidson motor, complete with kick starter, this one must have been a lot of fun to drive. Acquired from the Stoker Collection.