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Category: Miscellaneous

Sewing machines were developed in England as early as 1790, U.S. sewing machines in 1834 and being produced for commercial purposes by the 1850s. Shown here is an 1857 Wilcox and Gibbs model.

Category: Miscellaneous

This antique cut glass display originates from the brilliant period, 1880 through 1929, and was acquired by local resident Sunny Johnson's great grandmothers, Emma Breithaupt and Alice Hoag. The exquisite cut glass, no longer being made of this quality, is on loan by the Johnson family of Winnemucca.

Category: Miscellaneous

During the turn-of-the-century build-out of telephone infrastructure, Winnemucca became a hub of telephone switching stations. The Humboldt Museum displays a switchboard from the hey-day of telephone operators. Click the "read more" link to learn more.