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The Humboldt Museum has an extensive collection of newspaper advertisements for performances and events staged at the Nixon Opera House.  Also known as "Nixon Hall," the beautiful two-story theater was built in 1907, with financing from George Nixon.  Nixon, whose First National Bank was robbed in 1900, allegedly by Butch Cassidy and his gang, served as a U.S. Senator.

Newspaper articles listing some performers who appeared at the Nixon Opera House included:

  • Carolyn Thomson who sings the lead role in Adele
  • Walter DeLeon author of The Campus playing leading role - 1914
  • Schubert Symphony Club and Lady Quartette of Chicago - 1912
  • University of Nevada Glee Club - 1915
  • Peggy O'Neil in Oliver Morosco's production Peg O' My Heart
  • The Five Glastones
  • Madeline Winthrop leading lady Seven Days
  • Ford and Louise of Louise Johnson & Company - 1910
  • William Rock and Maud Fulton and the Anderson Gaity Company in their world famous travesty on Sarah Bernhardt
  • Forty of New York's daintiest bon bons in The Candy Shop, a musical and vaudeville de luxe
  • Charlotte Walker in The Trail of the Lonesome Pine
  • Jos. Rith presents The Missouri Girl with "Zeke" and "Daisy" - 1912
  • Maude Adams in the comedy in four acts Quality Street.
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