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Weigand audio-visual room

The E. L. Wiegand Foundation was established in 1982 in Reno in memory of Mr. Wiegand who was widely recognized throughout the electrical heating industry as a result of his pioneering genius and achievement.  The Wiegand Foundation gave the Humboldt Museum $31,000 for the audio visual room April 18, 2000.

Now showing, at your request, in the Wiegand Audio-Visual Room

All That glitters -- The Story of Twin Creeks Mine Orpiment. (11 min.)

Winnemucca Through the Years -- A Brief History of Winnemucca, NV. (14 min.)

Sarah Winnemucca -- A Capital Figure (28 min.)

Winnemucca to Unionville
(courtesy "Wild Nevada," KNPB, Channel 5, Reno, NV) (30 min.)

Land of the Mammoth (Discover Channel) (51 min.)

The Nevada Experience (courtesy KNPB, Channel 5, Reno, NV)  (54 min.)  Featuring:

  • Sarah Winnemucca
  • Dennis Parks -- Poet, Potter, Peacemaker
  • Battle Born -- The Nevada Constitution


Ninety-Six Ranch (1 hr.)

The Winning of Barbara Worth
-- 1926 Silent Film set on the Black rock Desert. Starring Ronald Coleman, Gary Cooper, Vilma Banky.  (~1.5 hr.)

Winnemucca -- Museum Showplace of 20th Century Vernacular Achitecture (~1.5 hr)


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